This self-portrait with my daughter is a simple graphic drawing made for a t-shirt design contest for the local clothing store Elegant Mommy.

Ashley Seaman: Visual Artist

In my work, I have a strong affinity for detail and color. In every avenue of art and craft I embrace, I emphasize structure and order through original and derivative patterns. If my subject matter is more representational, the process becomes the pattern. I enjoy creating art in many different forms and media, including painting, drawing and sculpture in traditional materials like oil, acrylic, charcoal, colored pencil, clay and plaster. I have a strong crafting background which includes knitting, crocheting, sewing (hand & machine), scrapbooking, and framing. But I also enjoy creating with recycled materials and have tried many other forms of art creation, like printmaking, woodburning, and even culinary arts including cooking, baking, and cake-decorating. My day job as a furniture sales associate has also prompted an interest in interior design and furniture (and decor) rehabilitation. Learning to balance my life as a single mom has pushed me to evolve beyond my previous artistic boundaries. I know now the sky's the limit with what I am capable of as an artist.

Available here on my site for direct purchase I have hand made winter wear for newborn thru adult sizes. I also have various art ranging from recycled "paintings" to mixed media drawings for sale. Information on my commission based services. custom portraits and wall murals is available as well as examples of past work. I've included artistic events I am involved with as well as guilty pleasure pieces I make just for me. Feel free to contact me with questions on commissions!

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